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Casino Gaming Machine


When people talked about casino games, a poker card game usually comes to mind. Later as time progresses, slot machines are invented to give hopeful individuals another option to hit rich.

Today, slot machines have moved from being mechanical machines to electronic gaming terminals. In the United States, injecting computer technology to the concept of machines varied the games offered and embellished the way they are presented, thus making machines playing the most popular gambling methods in local casinos. To help the industry achieve greater success, AAEON presents a hardware solution that helps casino operators upgrade existing hardware without incurring additional costs.


AAEON Solution

CPU Module ETX-A55E

Specifically designed for casino games, ETX-A55E offers the security, compatibility and flexibility required to maintain the smooth operation of all casino games. Its BIOS is written with the anti-cheat element in mind to include secure startup functionality to prevent malware or hacking tools that may be intentionally planted from running during system startup. It is also fully customizable as required by the casino’s local gambling regulator.

Powered by the AMD chipset, the graphics rendering capabilities, essential for all gaming applications, the module is far superior to similar products on the market. In addition, given the various older technologies still widely used in many machines, the module supports various legacy signals, such as the IDE and ISA bus, in order to minimize the resources needed for an upgrade by continuing to use existing hardware. GPIO is also installed on the module for the control of LEDs, buttons, touch screens, etc.

Noting the 24 hour operation of many casinos, the module is designed to fire only 5V power. In addition, a fanless design is adopted to eliminate the problems associated with moving parts, which avoids the need for constant maintenance and the purchase of spare parts in the event of failure, resulting in additional costs and downtime for the system.

Q Service

Pre-sales and after-sales services are areas that AAEON has strongly emphasized to ensure that all platforms powered by AAEON hardware are reliable and sustainable. Prior to the implementation of the user’s own software (for example: the AAEON team of experienced engineers will perform the necessary debugging and compatibility tests to ensure the stability of the delivered system).

Throughout the development of the system, AAEON will respond quickly to any problems the system may have. Feedback will be provided within 24 hours of the error being reported and a solution will be available within 72 hours.



By combining the power of existing hardware with new technology with the ETX-A55E, AAEON is able to improve the Game designer offer and makes without the need for an extended budget. In addition, with the full Q service, game designer and manufacturers can be assured that all issues are handled in a timely and diligent manner by AAEON engineers to minimize risks during development.