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Lian-Li Silent Force Power Supply Unit


High quality PSU that runs almost silently

Excellent protective features; modular cable management; runs quietly

Uncertified for SLI



Lian-Li designs and manufacturers kick-ass PC enclosures. But that’s not all. The Taiwan-based company has now ventured further into the build-your-own market with the launch of the Maxima Force series of power supply units (PSU). Designed for the PC gamer and overclocker, the Maxima Force series features serious features and performance for extreme computing.

Designed with Lian-Li strict attention to detail, the PS-S850GE (£110) has been extensively researched to make it stand out from the crowd. The PSU (150x160x86mm) offers outstanding cooling while containing noise from fans, and also offers safety features with 80 Plus certification. The Silent Force series also complies with the newest Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3 & EPS 12V rail systems, while the environmentally friendly design for energy saving with Active PFC (>0.9) / High efficiency (>80%) complies with the best standards in the industry.

Beautifully packaged with a complementary soft carrying pouch for all the supplied cables, the Silent Force PSU is available in a choice of three power options: 650 Watts (PS-S650GE), 750 Watts (PS-S750GE) and 850 Watts (PS-S850GE). All units have the same features, the only difference being the power supplied. We were sent the flagship PS-S850GE to test.

Sporting a totally black enclosure, the PS-S850GE includes a 135mm clear bladed fan (pimped with blue LEDs) for larger volume of air at lower revolutions per minute (RPM), thus reducing the noise and improving the cooling performance. Additional features include support for multi-core CPU and multi-graphics cards systems, along with over-voltage protection, over-loading protection, over-current-protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and low-voltage protection to offer comprehensive protection for your PC system. There’s also a special fine-toothed heatsink for maximum surface area and improved heat dissipation, and a honeycombed vent for maximum air-flow and ventilation. The sleeved cable further allows for excellent air flow performance.

The modular cable management system is growing in popularity, and we’re glad to see it because it allows for fewer cables in your case according to your needs. In addition, it allows for a more convenient cable arrangement without inhibiting airflow as seen in standard situations. The PCI-E connector has bead-core protection to minimised electromagnetic interference (EMI) for a cleaner throughput. In addition the cables have special sleeves to improve airflow through your case. The universal input accepts between 100V-240V and has a power switch at the back for added safety and convenience. The 135mm ball bearing fan gives consistent and quality airflow across specially designed heatsinks that have a special rippled surface to improve the surface area for superior thermal cooling performance. The uniquely coated outer casing has honeycombed venting for excellent air-flow and ventilation.

With clean and stable power driving your PC via the Silent Force PSU – along with the multi-12V rails output and bead core protection for the PCI-e connectors and failsafe safety protections – the Silent Force PSU is one of the best quality power supplies on the market. The only downside is that the series maxes out at 850 Watts. If you’re looking for a silent power supply for your PC, the PS-S850GE should definitely be at the top of your list – it even remains very quiet and cool even when the 135mm fan runs at over 1300rpm! This power supply will easily run all dual graphic card configurations with ease and is certainly equal to other power supplies in its class. However, if power is more important than quietness, check out Lian-Li’s brand new Maxima Force series (among others). The only disappointment is that Lian-Li didn’t go for a brushed aluminium finish, which would have looked much better in its cases.

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