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Wisair Wireless USB Hub

Wisair is determined to take USB cables off of the personal computer. The company has taken another step in the Ultra Wideband (UWB) industry with the release of a Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB) reference design.

The new reference design includes a WUSB PC dongle and a WUSB hub, providing consumer electronics and peripheral manufacturers with the means to offer customers wireless connectivity to existing USB-enabled devices.

Printers, scanners, remote hard disk drives, digital cameras and mobile phones are able to plug directly into the WUSB Hub and receive wireless connectivity to a PC. The WUSB Hub replaces any wireline USB connection with a wireless connection.

The Hub, which features two or four ports for connecting existing USB devices, can also be placed at one side of a room, where it can then send data wirelessly to the PC at speeds up to 480Mbit/s. In fact, the WUSB Hub can be located more than 30-feet from a WUSB dongle plugged into a PC.

‘We are very excited about the traction that Wisair is making and expect to see our chipsets integrated into many products in 2006,’ said David Yaish, Wisair president and CEO. ‘In particular, our new WUSB reference design fulfils a strong market need for wireless connectivity to portable devices, a business decision validated as we have already secured agreements with multiple manufacturing partners.’

The 480Mbit/s WUSB Hub reference design is based on Wisar’s second-generation WiMedia-based UWB chipset and has a small, form-factor integrated antenna. The reference design offers robust performance in noisy environments and coexistence with 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth devices.

With a complete end-user software package for management, control and association, the WUSB Hub provides OEM/ODM module manufacturers with quick time to market. Wisair plans to release a second generation, Certified Wireless USB version of the reference design early next year.

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