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New Gaming Headphones Prevent Hearing Loss

Addressing renewed concerns about hearing loss among the young and hip who listen to headphones at a high volume, Able Planet today unveiled a high-fidelity multimedia headset for PC gamers that is apparently safer during playback and provides the optimal gaming experience.

Able Planet’s new PS500MM promises quality audio, convenient one-touch features for controlling volume and microphone functionality, and attractive styling at an affordable price of $99.99 (around £65).

Able Planet’s patented LINX AUDIO technology embedded in the PS500MM can help to preserve hearing by allowing you to lower the volume to safer listening while still receiving a full and rich audio sound. Originally developed for those with mild to severe hearing loss, all Able Planet products are based on the company’s ‘breakthrough’ micro-technology. Able Planet designed this innovative new headset specifically with PC gamers in mind as gamers tend to spend significant periods of time melting their brains and ears playing online games. Such extended play of rich multimedia sounds puts a cumulative strain on the ears this can cause hearing loss and fatigue. Able Planet said its technology minimises this risk so that we no longer have to turn up the volume just to be able to drown out background noise.

Able Planet’s PS500MM headset is a multi-media powerhouse headset. With noise cancellation technology built directly into the microphone for improved sound clarity, the headset has oversized, extended-wear leather ear cups provide for hours of comfortable game play. The PS500MM ships with a USB wireless adapter and comes with two 3.5mm jacks, a standard interface that extends the compatibility of the PS500MM. The TL300 headset, also launching next month, has all of the same features but a 2.5mm jack, ideal for the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Available in mid-December, Able Planet’s PS500MM gaming headset retails for $99. The headset ships with extended wear leather ear cups for a comfortable fit, features an adjustable headband and a soft carrying pouch for travel is also included with purchase.

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