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Pac-Man Goes Multiplayer On Mobiles, Lets You Play As Ghosts

Here at ITreviewed we’ve never been great fans of Pac-Man, due largely to our combined attention deficit disorders and fear of RSI, but we have full respect for one or the original arcade games that spawned a generation of gamers in 1980. As the home video game console emerged, Pac-Man was the game that every Atari owner had in their library.

If you’re a Pac-Man fan you’ll be in your element to discover that Bandai Namco recently released the mobile version of the arcade classic in Europe. It includes 256 levels in the single player game that faithfully recreates the original arcade version, but more interesting is that the mobile game supports four player matches via Bluetooth and you can play as Pac-Man or as the ghosts. How crazy is that!

Players playing as Pac-Man will have to deal with the ‘fog of war’ which keeps Pac-Man from being able to see the entire maze as they move around the four multiplayer mazes. As an important consideration for those gaming on the move Pac-Man for mobile also features pause and resume functions, allowing gamers to exit Pac-Man mid-game, change trains, and resume play from the same point hours or days later.

With 256 levels, mobile users will have to guide Pac-Man through many taxing mazes to eat all the dots and Power Pellets in order to improve their rank in the online Pac-Man league. Competitive types will be able to upload their highest single player scores and review their individual rankings both on their mobile phone and online where they can compare their skills with the best in Europe

One of the most popular titles for mobile, Pac-Man has maintained its consistent position within the top ten highest selling mobile games for the past five years selling millions of copies around the world.

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